Monday, July 27, 2009

"Greeting the Day with Joy" by Nancy Daleo

Genevieve is way more gleeful than me in the morning. Her joyfilled little face reminds me to find the joy in my day and to try to leave the rest behind. Hope she can do the same for you!

(An hour later) On my dog walk this morning, I thought about GV's joy. I am going through a challenging situation, and decided that perhaps a GV inspired mantra would help. This is what she inspired in me:

Surround yourself with white healing light.
Find joy.
Focus on that joy.
Rely on truth.
Listen to the positive forces in the Universe. this, find strength.

Have a mantra to share?

Acrylic painting on arches. 7.5 5.5

Some of the work I've been posting lately isn't priced, and I also have been adding frames and mattes at a later time. I am preparing to send work to a gallery and some of these pieces will go. In the meantime, please email to inquire if you are interested for a price with or without framing. Thanks for your patience.

10% will be donated to Noah's Bark at Click on Petfinder to see their availables. Guaranteed to improve your attitude by at least 100%

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