Monday, August 24, 2009

"Rooster Profile" by Nancy Daleo-Ware

Oil Painting measures 5" x 5" (black outline does not appear around the painting)

This rooster is a Langshan and belongs at the ranch of animal rescuers, Gerrie Mooney and her daughter Brittany.

The Black Langshan is a native of China and was apparently developed in the Langshan district north of the Yangtze River. It is believed to be a pure race of domesticated poultry. Black Langshans were imported into England in 1872 by the British Major Croad. In the... Read More English standard, they are called 'Croad Langshans'. They were later introduced to America and admitted to the standard in 1883. White Langshans were admitted to the standard ten years later in 1893.

The principal characteristics of the Langshan, which it has in common with the Brahma and the Cochin, is the feathering on its legs and its massive appearance. However, one significant difference is its high tail feathers. In both the male and female, the tail feathers are nearly the same height as the head. This gives the bird a V-shaped appearance when viewed from the side.

$75 + $5 SH

$5 will be donated to True Blue Animal Rescue.

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