Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Dog Art" Nancy Daleo Los Angeles, California

Nancy Daleo   Los Angeles, California
Original oil painting  Size: 14" x 11"
This oil painting was inspired by my Dalmatian, Buddy, a rescue dog. I spotted Buddy running around the Silverlake Reservoir on my way home from a yoga class at Silverlake Yoga almost a decade ago. He had a rope tied around his neck and was very thin with rashes. I chased him for about two hours throughout the steep hills that Silverlake is known for. At one point, Buddy jumped on top of a roof and I had to ask permission from the homeowner to retrieve him. Once I chased him from the man's rooftop, Buddy evaded my grasp once again and headed for an open field overgrown with weeds. I don't know why I didn't give up, but I pursued him until he finally looked at me just as he is in the above closeup, and then sat down, finally giving up the chase. Since then, he has been a favourite model of mine for my Dog Art.

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  1. Nancy, I love your story about Buddy and what you are doing to promote adoptions from shelters. My dog is a rescue and I think that's the only way to find new furry friends. I've done a painting of my guy and would love to post it and his story here. Please let me know how to proceed if that's okay to do.

  2. Thanks Nancy! We would love to have you post your art and story about your rescue. I just sent you an invite. If you have any difficulty, please let me know. I always promote adoption from shelters, rescues and the streets. :)

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