Saturday, September 25, 2010

NAPTIME Nancy Daleo Los Angeles, California

Nancy Daleo   Los Angeles, California
Original Oil Painting measures 12" x 10"

Yes, I'm a bit jealous too of their lifestyle as well! Two of  the dogs depicted are rescues from Noah's Bark Animal Rescue in Manhattan Beach, California. The Labrador Retriever is "Little Elf" who was abandoned by her family on my street. I started feeding her and fell in love. She is now a very confident, happy doggie who is my hiking companion and all around fantastic pooch. Elf is like the momma dog. I can count on finding my other dogs lying with her or on top of her. Their contentment with their new life is obvious and my life is enriched having them in my home and heart.
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  1. Their poses show how content and safe they feel. Wonderful painting Nancy.

  2. thanx Nancy and Theresa. they are my adorable couch potato kids!