Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"BLUE BELL" gallery framed acrylic painting Chihuahuas Nancy Daleo Los Angeles, California

Nancy Daleo  Los Angeles, California
20" x 16" Silver frame with triple acid free mattes, bottom matte black fabric, middle is deep brown, top is cream matte. Acrylic painting measures 10.5 x 9.5

These two Chihuahuas are both rescues of Noahs Bark in Manhattan Beach. Amelia loves Genevieve and is always trying to snuggle and play with her. Genevieve won't give her the time of day and is a growler, but Amelia has figured out that she is all talk and no bite. Forced into play, Amelia always ends up with the upper hand as Genevieve weighs a mere 5 lbs.  Then of course, it's time for both to take a long nap. Apparently, playing is very hard work.

Contact waredaleo@sbcglobal.net to inquire about this painting.

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