Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Portrait of a Survivor...Saved by Love" dog art Nancy Daleo-Ware

Nancy Daleo-Ware

Los Angeles, California

Acrylic, painting size: 6 x 8

The top painting is Mikey after he was rescued first by the kind women at Noah's Bark, www.noahsbark.org and then rescued a second time by Gerrie Mooney. He is now an active, healthy, loving puppy- a true survivor..saved by love.

(bottom painting is a prior post called "I Can Love You" of Mikey)

To purchase email waredaleo@sbcglobal.net

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  1. Love your blog too! Your puppy pics are great! I frequently thought of you through out the years if you were still an artist? I always believed you are an outstanding artist! Funny your in LA, I lived in Hermosa Beach for 10 years in the 80's.. that was BC, before children... I married Bob Breeze, we lived there. Do you remember him? then he passed.
    anyway... it's wonderful to have found you, wishing you great blessings in all you do! I hope you stay intouch! Sincerely Caroline (BAMBI)