Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Big Eyes, Big Heart" by Nancy Daleo-Ware

"Big Eyes, Big Heart"
The model for this painting is "Rosie Rose" and her pet guardian's name is Samantha Miller. Rosie is a Noah's Bark rescue. On Christmas Eve, Rosie's mom was at a shelter and her pups were to be aborted. Because they were full grown, the rescue group from Noah's Bark, was called in and saved Rosie, her mom and her siblings. All were placed in loving homes. Samantha took one look at sweet Rosie's face and fell in love. The Miller's are involved with rescue work and volunteer a great deal of their time to save lives. All of Samantha's pup's are shelter dogs.

This, unfortunately, is a common story that shelters and rescue groups deal with. Please try to adopt from a shelter. Your contribution will be returned with endless joy and love!

5x7 Oil painting


Samantha donated her time to animal rescues as her donation for this painting.

Thanks for the great work that you and your family do!

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