Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Weiner Dreams" by Nancy Daleo-Ware

Weiner Dreams is an oil painting that measures 5x7. It has an 8x10 black fabric matte and acid free foam core backing.

The painting was inspired by a photograph taken by Samantha Miller. Her photo is of two "weiner" dogs sleeping on her lap. Samantha is a designer, illustrator and photographer. She rescues and fosters animals and also volunteers at Noah's Bark's adoption fairs. She has adopted from Noah's...several times.
The Dachshunds featured are named "Ruby" and "Blue" and their pet guardian is Barbara Law. Samantha cares for them through "Fetch." Thanks Barbara and Samantha!

The dreamlike nature of the photo, reminded me of the Surrealists and, thus, I chose to work in a Surrealistic style. The painting shown as an example is Giorgio de Chirico’s painting, "Mystery and Melancholy of a Street" which came to mind while admiring Samantha's work.

Surrealism is a European literary and artistic movement that uses dreamlike and illogical images to suggest the unconscious.

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  1. A wonderful perspective on the two dogs - just fabulous!!!