Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Newspaper Dog Art Genevieve" by Nancy Daleo

6" x 4" acrylic painting on recycled tree. acid free matte and foam core backing included.

10" x 8" acrylic painting on recycled tree. acid free matte and backing included.

I participate in an online blog created by Tanya and Craig Amberson called the Green Palette.
The topic this week is the importance of trees and I decided to tie it into my art of rescue work.

The Importance of Trees
When considering the planting of trees, many of us plan from an aesthetic point of view. We also incorporate the desire for shade. The city of LA has a free tree program to promote tree planting as a way to reduce energy costs- shade = less use of air conditioning. In wintery areas, trees are used as windbreak to reduce heating costs. This is a great energy saving idea.
Trees moderate climate and wind and have provided many with relief from a sudden rainstorm. How many of us search for the perfect tree to lay our blankets under for our family picnic?
Being around trees also make us feel serene. Hospital patients recover more quickly when they have a view of trees from their beds. Many people, affectionately known as "tree huggers", have bonded together to save special trees from being cut down. My "tree hero" is a girl named Julia Butterfly Hill. She LIVED in a tree to save it.
Julia's drawings and writings made while living in the tree named "Luna", were featured in an exhibit, "All Faiths Beautiful". She lived in Luna--"from fear for her life to a sense of deep joy and oneness with the universe." The drawings and writings are made on scraps of paper and cardboard that she had in the tree with her.
Once again, I received the Palette's topic and began to ponder the title. Not just trees, but the importance of trees. I was also thinking about creative ways to raise funds at Noah's Bark adoption fair on Saturday.
On the way to the park this morning to walk my dogs, I saw a bunch of newspaper pages twirling around a CVS parking lot. The tree sacrificed for this newspaper appeared to me unappreciated despite it's great sacrifice. Why not recycle and reduce litter with my art.
After the walk, I drove back to the parking lot and rescued the newpaper. I thought that this would make a very interesting background for my painting and drawing at the adoptions.
I painted "Genevieve" twice because I fell in love with her at the last adoption fair I attendsed. Then, I painted my own pup, "Little Elf" smiling as she lay on the couch on that warm California day.
Thanks to the artists on the Palette for inspiring me to think act creatively and responsibly. Namaste to Julia and those of similar spirit for their passionate efforts to preserve our environment.

A donation will be made to to help with medical costs.

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